Anime Brook Pre Timeskip Infobox.png
Brook Before The Time Skip
English Name: Brook
Japanese Name: ブルック
Romaji Burukku
Affiliation Straw Hat Pirates
Rumbar Pirates (Former)
Occupation Pirate, Musician, Swordsman
Age 88 (Before Time Skip)
90 (After Time Skip)
Birthday April 3rd
Strengths Singing
Devil Fruit Yomi Yomi no Mi
Bounty Beli.gif33,000,000

Brook (ブルック) is the ninth member of the Straw Hat Pirates and is the crew's musician. He is a skeleton and is undead due to eating the Yomi Yomi no Mi devil fruit. This fruit, known in English as the Revive-Revive Fruit allows its user to live after death. Brook is depressed, but will not die because he believes that "death is not an apology." He refers to this because his former crew, the Rumbar Pirates abandoned Laboon and never returned. Brook later returns with the Straw Hat Pirates to fulfill his promise.

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